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Where to go for a vacation in the Carpathian Mountains? 08-Dec-16 20:04

Where to go for a vacation in the Carpathian Mountains?

Going to the ski resort! 08-Dec-16 19:59

Going to the ski resort!

How to spend a vacation in the fall? 08-Dec-16 19:53

How to spend a vacation in the fall?

Choosing a tour in the Carpathians like! 08-Dec-16 19:40

Choosing a tour in the Carpathians like!

We go to the Carpathians - you need to take? 08-Dec-16 19:30

We go to the Carpathians - you need to take?

Rest in the Carpathians in the summer! 08-Dec-16 18:47

Rest in the Carpathians in the summer!

Cottage in Bukovel 18-Jan-16 16:39

Many tourists from all over the world come in the Carpathians in summer and winter. And it's no wonder. Why this fabulous corner of Ukraine have enduring popularity? The dense forests and plains, lofty mountains with snow caps, fresh mountain air. You can find a lot of interesting exercises here not only in winter, also in summer — fishing, mushroom picking, horseback riding, quad biking, sauna, hiking and many other enthralling activities.

Promotions in Bukovel 18-Jan-16 16:29

Carpathian Mountains it's a great place for winter and summer vacation. In the cold season you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling.

Mushrooming in the Carpathians 18-Jan-16 16:20

Carpathian Mountains are the best place for mushroom hunting. Forested plains and dense forests full of different varieties of mushrooms.

Bicycle tours in the Carpathians 18-Jan-16 16:00

Carpathian Mountains it's a unique and beautiful corner of Ukraine. The wealth of nature — mighty mountains, fast flowing rivers, majestic lakes and magnificent forests. Therefore, Ukrainian Carpathians become more and more popular among tourists every year, and with bicyclists too. Bicycle tour in the Carpathian Mountains it is the unique opportunity to plunge into the fairy-tale, to meet with an unusually beautiful places. It is an unforgettable vacation for body and soul.

Rafting in Bukovel 18-Jan-16 15:50

Do you want to spend time cool and unusual? Or conquer gusts of raging rivers? If you love extreme sport, rafting is created for you.

Rent a quad in Bukovel 18-Jan-16 15:35

Active people choose holidays in the mountains. It's a lot of positive emotions, adventure and extreme sport. Do you want to feel the freedom, lightness and incredible pleasure? Then take on the quad bike. It's what do you need!

Horseback riding in Bukovel 18-Jan-16 15:09

You need a break from the urban bustle sometimes? And relax must be useful. You can relax from all the problems and noisy city in the Carpathians.

Fishing in Bukovel 18-Jan-16 15:01

Bukovel — this is a very popular tourist resort. It's located near the village of Polanica at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. In winter, millions of tourists come here to conquer the slopes. And in the summer noisy companies come here for hiking and, of course, the fishing.

Waterfalls in the Carpathian 18-Jan-16 14:51

Carpathian Mountains are rich in rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Of course, the magic lake views Synevyr attracts many tourists. But waterfalls in the Carpathians give a huge aesthetic pleasure. At such places you can relax during the hot summer days, thanks to the surrounding air they give cool freshness.

Hiking in the Carpathians 18-Jan-16 13:26

Carpathians — the mountains, located on the territory of several countries, including Ukraine. In Zakarpattia take place river Cheremosh, Prut and Limnytsya, there is also located a fabulous lake Synevir.

New Year celebration in Bukovel 06-Nov-15 14:22

The New Year holidays it's the best time for rest in the Carpathians. It's a thrilling tale. The nature has created a cozy corner in the mountains, where you can spend time with the friends and family. Enjoy the charming beauty of snow-capped peaks and sleeping under a white cover forests, fresh air and skiing or snowmobile.

The unique location of Bukovel 14-Aug-15 13:50

In anticipation of the snowy season thousands of Ukrainians and tourists from near and far abroad begin to wonder: where is Bukovel, Ukraine's largest ski resort?

Attractions Bukovel 14-Aug-15 13:22

Most people associate holiday time in Bukovel mountain resort with skiing, snow-covered slopes and ski lifts. This quaint part of the world is not only fun in the winter. Bukovel offers a lot to see in the summer!

How to get to Bukovel Villa Elena 14-Aug-15 12:52

In the winter season many Ukrainians begin to wonder how to reach Bukovel — the best mountain resort of the country and a true gem of the Ukrainian Carpathians. There are several ways to do this

Staying in the Carpathians with your children 17-Apr-15 19:58

Every family used to travelling as a couple is eventually ready to travel with their child, and in this situation, the child's interests and needs have to be taken into account. Take your children to the Carpathians for a great family vacation.

Where to rest in the summer? 22-May-14 11:38

The summer is the best season of the year, and the most sought after for vacations and holidays. Warm weather, sunny days, endless possibilities for picnics and outdoor parties... the summer is a three months long holiday, even if you have to work. Summer clothes, bright colors, ice cream and fountains effortlessly create a good mood.

Where to rest in the Carpathians? 22-May-14 11:32

If you wish to spend your long-awaited vacation in the Ukraine and want to visit some remarkable romantic spot with fresh air and charming nature, we invite you to spend your vacation in the Carpathians!

Where to rest in the winter in Ukraine? 22-May-14 11:22

Even the most tried tourists can find the spot for a great winter holiday if they take their own finances, free time and company into consideration. A winter vacation in the Ukraine can be just as fascinating, enthralling and wholesome as a vacation in other countries.

Summer holidays in Bukovel 15-Apr-14 10:07

As the summer begins, everyone starts wondering where to spend their vacation to make it fun, memorable and wholesome. Traditionally most people look into southern destinations, seashores and resorts. A summer vacation in Bukovel can be just as exciting.

May holidays in the Carpathians 15-Apr-14 10:07

Do you want to have an unforgettable vacation, feel a flurry of emotions and charge up on positive energy? Spend the May holidays in the Carpathians.