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Where to rest in the summer?

The summer is the best season of the year, and the most sought after for vacations and holidays. Warm weather, sunny days, endless possibilities for picnics and outdoor parties... the summer is a three months long holiday, even if you have to work. Summer clothes, bright colors, ice cream and fountains effortlessly create a good mood.

The trickiest question is the simplest. Where to go on vacation? For some people going out of town or to their dacha is enough, and some want to go as far as they can and leave the daily routine far behind. Of course, we're not trying to direct your thoughts, but we'll try to give you some advice for picking the perfect summer spot.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the time of your trip. Everyone knows the best summer resorts are located near the Black sea and the Mediterranean. Winter vacation is better spent in South-East Asia, near the Red Sea or the Persian Gulf.

The next important thing to consider before picking a spot is the number of travelers (family, group of friends or a couple). Then you have to pick the kind of vacation you want. There is a huge difference between a tour with a tight schedule and a lazy vacation at the beach. Perhaps you want to combine both in one trip? We're not asking out of idle interest. For the first option, you would pick a resort town rich in history, and in the second option implies focusing your attention on the facilities and services offered at the hotel where you will be staying. The third option steers you towards sea resorts located near cultural landmarks.

Where to spend the summer with your kids?

If you're planning to bring your children along on your summer vacation, you need to keep their age in mind. It's not advisable to take small children on long flights and expose them to abrupt changes in climate. As annual statistics show, resorts of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea are the most comfortable for a family stay. If your children are a little older, make sure there's a children’s club in the hotel. Remember European resorts rarely organize children's clubs. You should look into water parks and amusement parks in the area.

Those interested in parties and other nightlife who wish to continue to have fun on their beach vacation well into the night should look for a hotel located close to the downtown of the resort. It will affect the price of your stay, but you won't have to walk too far. Best locations for this type of vacation are Ibiza, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Italy or the island of Rhodos.

If you don't want to leave your hotel on your summer vacation, the best option are the resorts in Turkey, where there is plenty of event staff. You will not be bored!