» » Где отдохнуть в Карпатах?

Where to rest in the Carpathians?

If you wish to spend your long-awaited vacation in the Ukraine and want to visit some remarkable romantic spot with fresh air and charming nature, we invite you to spend your vacation in the Carpathians! The beautiful and majestic mountain range, the alluring thick forest and fresh air beyond comparison will make you fall in love forever and await you throughout the year. In the spring, they charm travelers with the cheerful drip-drops, the shimmer of rushing streams, silky grass and fragrant blossoms. In the summer, they captivate with their lush wild herbs, berries and mushrooms and warm and persistent sun rays that give the skin a rich, even tan. The fall is alluring with its colorful patchwork foliage, the backdrop of evergreen coniferous wood and frequent bouts of desperate rain falling from the mountaintops, like the imminence of fate. Finally, in the winter the mountains are covered with a soft white duvet and with the sounds of a roaring sleepless mountain stream bursting through the ice they create a fairy tale atmosphere filled with anticipation of a Christmas miracle.

Hotel Villa Elena.

About the local tourism industry...

Every new ecotourism fan dreams about a vacation in the Carpathians. The Carpathian region's awesome landscapes, its ethnic magic and pristine beauty are alluring even through your friend's stories and TV shows about the region. It's no surprise that the tourism industry in the Carpathians is developing and perfecting itself every year. If previously tourists could only hope to pick mushrooms, ride sleighs and go skiing, modern creative and experienced event organizers will offer you a more interesting program. It's hard to resist the temptation to go on a hike through fanciful trails, go to the top of the mountains, to the mountain lakes or picking berries and mushrooms in the forest. A trip to the Carpathians in the summertime is an opportunity to take out a group of friends to a barbecue or on a mountain river-fishing trip... Curious tourists would be interested to go on a guided tour to learn about the mysteries of local history and local traditions. For those who don't enjoy hiking there is horse riding, quad bikes, cycling and ropes courses.

Winter holidays in the Carpathians are famous for extreme mountain skiing and snowboarding with different difficulty levels for beginners and professionals. In the Carpathian region, you will find many excellent resorts: Bukovel, Yaremche, Verkhovyna, Vorokhta, Tatariv, Mykulychyn, Yablunytsya, Delyatyn. Each of the resorts has its own features; each is filled with its own unique quaint atmosphere. By listening to your heart and the recommendations in your guidebook, you can pick where to stay in the Carpathians. Here you can stay at a hotel or a pension or rent a private cottage in one of the nearby villages.

Before going to another country, try out a vacation in the Carpathians and you will fall in love with our country even more!