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Where to rest in the winter in Ukraine?

Winter holidays always tease tourists with the variety of available pastimes. You could visit a trendy ski resort in Europe or rest at the beach in an exotic southern country. If you are a fan of foreign ski resorts, bear in mind December is the start of high season for European tours to Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Greece etc., where you can go in winter and in the summer. The expensive trips are worth the price due to unforgettable landscapes and the level of service at the resorts. Those wishing to spend the winter holidays in a more humble and thrifty fashion can enjoy ski resorts in such quaint and hospitable countries as Bulgaria, Montenegro, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Andorra or Finland. Even the most tried tourists can find the spot for a great winter holiday if they take their own finances, free time and company into consideration. A winter vacation in the Ukraine can be just as fascinating, enthralling and wholesome as a vacation in other countries.

Отдых зимой

Where to vacation in the winter for a more affordable price?

Fans of beach vacations have their picks in the winter as well. When you've collected your thoughts on an intelligent investment of your finances into the beach vacation of your dreams, you too can organize an unforgettable winter fairy tale. What could be better than quickly packing up with your significant other and relocating to a hot exotic summer in mere hours, like magic! In the winter a vacation like that is offered by the best hotels of the Canary Islands, United Arab Emirates, the shores of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea in Israel, Indian Goa etc. Here you can forget your everyday worries and troubles and rest in mind and body. And if you and your companions are interested in excursions or shopping at the resort, your expectations will likely be blown away.

A trip like that will leave lasting happy memories, and a new collection of pictures and videos will impress your family, friends and coworkers. When planning a winter vacation most affluent Ukrainians pick exotic countries. The resorts of Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, the Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Seychelles, French Polynesia, Singapore, Cuba, Costa Rica and African countries are extremely popular. Their winter-banishing magic attracts an impressive number of tourists every year. Such a winter vacation would give you enough positive energy to last until springtime in your home country. And if you're wondering where to spend your winter vacation in the Ukraine, those who prefer a high quality vacation surrounded by the Carpathians choose Bukovel!

Whatever you prefer, remember that the best choice for a vacation in winter, summer, spring or fall is a place where you can go safely, in a good mood and with a nice companion. Leave the rest to a tourism agency you trust!