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May holidays in the Carpathians

Do you want to have an unforgettable vacation, feel a flurry of emotions and charge up on positive energy? Spend the May holidays in the Carpathians.

Spring in the Bukovel resort is just as beautiful as the winter season. The polonyna meadows are covered in fresh grass and flowers. Birdsong is ringing through the crystal air for miles around. Mountain streams and brooks awake from their snowy slumber. Fans of the great outdoors are surrounded by forest trails — climb up to the top to breath in the fresh air and admire the vast greenery.

Bukovel in the spring uncovers many secret treasures that the winter hid from view.

You save money by planning ahead

By visiting hotel Villa Elena in the Bukovel tourist region, you get a unique opportunity to combine the comfort of your stay with getting fit. The surroundings have a lot to offer as well.

Tourists and guests of the resort are going to enjoy a remarkable entertainment program, traditional gaivki songs, Ukrainian folk games and amusements, Easter egg painting lessons as well as Ukrainian folk song and dance lessons.

And late at night, following an old hutsul tradition, there are noisy traditional parties with lots of fun, courtships, fortune-telling, soniferous Ukrainian folk songs and lively dancing.