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Hiking in the Carpathians

Hiking in Carpathians — interesting and useful holiday!

Carpathians — the mountains, located on the territory of several countries, including Ukraine. In Zakarpattia take place river Cheremosh, Prut and Limnytsya, there is also located a fabulous lake Synevir.

The Carpathian Mountains are known around the world thanks to the wealth of natural landscapes, clean air, ringing waterfalls, mineral springs and clear water of mountain rivers. On the slopes stretched dense forests, where in summer grazing flocks of sheep and herds of horses. The trekking in Carpathian Mountains it's a great chance to feel yourself on the edge of the world, just as in the wild forest. But you won't see the wildlife there, because animals escape routes.

Travel on the mountain

Tender rays of the sun, breeze and rain quickly and naturally relieve each other. Holidays in the mountains show a positive effect on the human body. Here you can relax the body and soul. Leave behind the bustle city days and go on a journey.

Especially popular is trekking and hiking in the mountains. All you need is an equipment (tent, sleeping bag, tourist dishes), warm clothing and cheerful company.

A lot of people think about the benefits of trekking and hiking:

  • Pleasant exercise.
  • Awesome landscapes of mountain valleys and peaks.
  • Complete isolation from civilization, allowing you to reconnect with nature and forget about the urban bustle.

Routes and stops

You can get to the Carpathians by train or by car. There are many travel routes. And the most popular route to the mountains is through Bukovel. You can came here by train or car. This cozy and picturesque town, you can stay at the villa "Elena". In the motel you can relax, gather strength and go on the road.

The duration of the trip depends on the season. In summer, when the temperature outside is high trekking can take even more than 10 days. In the spring or autumn, many people do not have enough time, so the best way would be a weekend hiking trip in the Carpathians (2 — 3 days). When you will arrive in Zakarpattia, you can rent a room at Villa "Elena", relax and go on an unforgettable journey. You have a great chance to plan a route or use the services of professionals, who know "every trail".