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Rafting in Bukovel

Rafting in Bukovel for real extremal!

Do you want to spend time cool and unusual? Or conquer gusts of raging rivers? If you love extreme sport, rafting is created for you.

It is a sport rafting on the raging waters on the mountain river on inflatable boats – rafts. Boats are designed for 2 – 6 passengers. Rivers with waterfalls, rapids and shoals fit for such activity. Often, such rivers are located in mountainous areas.

The best place for rafting on mountain rivers in Ukraine!

In Ukraine, the most popular place for rafting are Carpathians rivers. It annually attracts thousands of fans of extreme rest from all over the world.

Rafting in the Carpathians is possible on rivers:

  • Stryj;
  • Prut;
  • Tisa;
  • Southern Bug;
  • Ros;
  • Cheremosh.

Rafting routes

Routes for the rafting can be classified by the level of difficulty, as well as the duration for the 6 types. The most popular route is the river Prut, which flows through the Bukovel. Begin rafting can at the mouth of the river, and after the first day, participants may go to the beach to relax. The rafting may take several days, depending on the difficulty level.

Rafting tour is a wonderful way to take unwind:

  • The difficulty gradually increase, so that even beginners can take part in such race.
  • New emotions and adrenaline.
  • Any weather will be good. The sun is shining? Good. Rain? The water level rises and rafting becomes more interesting.
  • In addition, prices for rafting in the Carpathians is much cheaper than abroad, in Europe or Turkey.

Start your journey or just relax after a rafting in the Carpathian mountains, you can at the Villa "Elena" in Bukovel. Here you will find comfortable rooms, tasty food, and a lot of interesting entertainment!