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Bicycle tours in the Carpathians

Bicycle tours in the Carpathians — an unforgettable experience!

Carpathian Mountains it's a unique and beautiful corner of Ukraine. The wealth of nature — mighty mountains, fast flowing rivers, majestic lakes and magnificent forests.

Therefore, Ukrainian Carpathians become more and more popular among tourists every year, and with bicyclists too. Bicycle tour in the Carpathian Mountains it is the unique opportunity to plunge into the fairy-tale, to meet with an unusually beautiful places. It is an unforgettable vacation for body and soul.

Everyday appear new routes, open more bicycle rental points, lodging for the night, restaurants and other recreational areas. The most popular routes for cyclists lay through major cities and scenic spots:

  • Lviv is the heart and soul of Zakarpattya.
  • Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • Yaremcha and Bukovel.

A fabulous holiday for bicyclists in Bukovel

If you are young and active, constantly in motion and crave new adventures bicycle tours in Bukovel will give you what you need. You can see the most beautiful cities, forests, mountains and valleys. Travelling by bicycle is a completely unique type of spending holiday. Constant movement and the opportunity to enjoy the local scenery. Stop and enjoy the beauty of nature at any time you want.

Traveling on Bukovel you can stay at the Villa "Elena". The hotel is located in the picturesque area, comfortable rooms with all facilities, delicious cuisine and a lot of entertainment leisure. This is a great place to rest or respite after a busy biking!