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Ski rental in Bukovel

Renting skiing gear

The time for summer vacations is almost over, but there's no need to be sad. Winter is coming. Some people like to spend their winter days at home with a mug of hot cocoa, but there are people who prefer extreme pastimes.

Active recreation away from busy and dusty streets of crowded cities can charge you with enough positivity and energy to last a week. A vacation at a mountain resort will guarantee you will feel fresh and full of energy for an entire year!

The Carpathians are a gem of the Ukraine. Picturesque mountaintops, sunlight filled valleys, unique nature, evergreen firs and pines make it an excellent vacation destination. Fresh air and outdoor activities have an excellent effect on your health, allowing your body to rest and heal.

Bukovel is one of the most popular mountain ski resorts in the Transcarpathian region. At the luxurious Villa Elena you can rent a comfortable room with all amenities included. What to do? We offer ski gear rental in Bukovel. If you don't snowboard or ski very often, this will save you money.

There is always the possibility that if you buy your own gear it will end up in your closet, gathering dust. Transporting bulky gear is difficult as well, especially if you're traveling by train and not in your own car.

How much is the ski rental in Bukovel?

You need special equipment for skiing. Buying an entire set for yourself is a bit expensive, especially if you don't go on vacations like that very often. The price of the set depends on how it's classified. Class A models would cost more than class C, but that doesn't mean that some are worse than others. You just need to find the equipment that's right for you. Depending on your level, there are skis suitable for beginners, intermediates, experts and professionals.

Models for beginners are softer and make easier turns. Models for sports and professionals are very sturdy and resilient and are more suitable for those with a good level of physical training and high skill. There are also skis for women, children and teenagers.

Renting skis in Bukovel: what kind of gear is available?

Depending on type and your preferred style of skiing, we suggest skis for amateurs and pros on different levels:

  • Carving skis are modern models for skiing on a prepared resort slope, on a soft or a hard piste. They allow you to ski in wide or short deep curves. The standard width of a carving ski waist varies between 63 to 68 mm. They are designed for clean turns and make it possible to descend the slope on cants. When riding your weight is spread over both skis. You should pick a model that is 10 – 20 cm longer than your height.
  • Radical (Fun) carving is a carving mountain ski modification with a high contrast between tip and waist width. During turns, the skier is practically lying down and can touch the slope with their hand.
  • Autocarve is a model that makes turns easier with oversized carves on the side. Skiing is easy and comfortable.
  • Freeride skis are designed for backcountry or off-piste mountain skiing. This type of gear is excellent for skiing loose snow. The waist width begins at 80 mm. When picking a model you should choose skis that are 5 cm longer than your height.
  • All-mountain skis allow you to ski on prepared slopes and in deep snow and easily navigate mounds and snow dunes. The waist width varies between 68 and 80mm. The ski should be as long as your height or 10 cm shorter.

Ski rental in Bukovel for adults and children

You can rent the newest gear for skiing at Villa Elena. You can exchange your gear for a more suitable model whenever you need, for example, if you have tried carving skis and want to try something new and more interesting.

All items are high quality with no cracks, pricks or flaws. The equipment is completely safe. We offer quality gear from world-renowned brands for children and teenagers.

We will make your vacation in the mountains lively, interesting and memorable! Come to our hotel with your family or friends!

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