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Swimming pool at Villa Elena (Bukovel)

Swimming pool at hotel Villa Elena: experience the luxury of a vacation in the Carpathians.

When it feels like your fingers are permanently glued to the keyboard and long to touch something alive and real — a lilac branch in bloom or at least a kitty — it means it's time to go on vacation. And it would be best if it were a place that would be conductive not only to changing your strict dress code, but also your mood, and allow for maximum relaxation, fun and even meditation. Everyone picks their own goals, but one thing doesn't change: you need to get closer to nature, ASAP. Is there a place in the Ukraine that is more suitable for that kind of vacation than the Carpathians? Most likely not. Hotel Villa Elena invites you to experience a vacation in the Carpathians!

You would be hard pressed to find a modern hotel in the Bukovel resort that lacks a satellite TV or a phone, for example. Not every Carpathian hotel can boast an outdoor swimming pool, however. In that regard hotel Villa Elena is one step ahead its competitors, and offers a fantastic vacation in the Carpathians you could only dream of.

A vacation in the Carpathians with a swimming pool on hotel grounds is an opportunity to:

Combine sunbathing with swimming in the pool.

Add a little variety to your leisure.

Take a relaxing soak in the water to take off the weariness after a long hike through the mountains.

When you arrive in Bukovel for your stay at hotel Villa Elena with an outdoor swimming pool, you get a great chance not only to spend your leisure time actively, but to try out the best physical therapy one could imagine. Not to mention the psychotherapeutic effect it has. Swimming in the pool outdoors while admiring the beauty of the Carpathians means to wind down, to feel safe, as you no longer need to rush anywhere or prove anything to anyone. Feel one with nature and the world when you arrive to your vacation destination — hotel Villa Elena in Bukovel.

You don't need to wear out Google looking for a Carpathian hotel with a swimming pool to book yourself a real outdoor holiday, exchange soulless office space for a vibrant, fragrant nature's corner, get rid of pent up negativity, blow off the steam and air out your head — literally and figuratively! You can get more oxygen from rural fresh air than you would in the city. And if you breathe in fresh air while enjoying swimming in an outdoor pool, the effect would be even more pronounced: you will feel light, relaxed and full of energy!


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