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Sauna in Elena hotel

Bath - is everything! Health, beauty, leisure, national identity, entertainment and fun deep in the clouds of fragrant steam, carefully ohazhivat a magnificent broom uhnuv, fall into the font, have a lot of excitement, and after long and thoughtful enjoy bliss parboiled body.

On the ground floor is a spacious Villa Helena bath with shower and a large swimming pool. For your convenience prisutvtvuet kitchenette, TV, huge carved table for 15 people. Area predbannogo space of 100 square meters. The room is decorated with stucco figural forms Carpathian Mountains. Everything is done that would make your holidays in the Carpathians was unforgettable.

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The hotel offers a steam room, made ​​of wood cleaner Carpathian "Smereka", able to take 5-6 people simultaneously. Steam room is equipped with a combined system of steam, because, given your tastes, it may be as a Finnish sauna with dry steam, and a real Russian sauna with wood, but with a broom!


How did great after 100 ° C to plunge into the icy water! It is for this purpose is provided with a spacious swimming pool with cold water. He has a powerful multi-level cleaning system and you do not have to think about the same time, what kind of water you are diving. Nice neon light and waterfall complement the already incredible feeling of rest in Bukovel.

парилка, выполненная из дерева экологически чистых карпатских "смерек", способная принять одновременно 5-6 человек. Парилка оборудована комбинированной системой подачи пара rest1

It so happened that the bath and football without beer we do not perceive. On the football after, but the culture of drinking beer in the bath every year we train the heroes of the film "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath". And we regularly parimsya and drink beer in the bath, following their example. For these purposes, provided entertainment corner, the crown of which is a big oak table, which can place a cheerful company. And if you suddenly decided to combine 3in1 (bath + beer + football), then your service a huge plasma screen and a powerful stereo system.

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