Attractions of Bukovel

For most people, recreation in the Bukovel Group of Companies is associated exclusively with mountain skiing, snow-covered slopes and ski lifts. However, in fact, this picturesque corner of the globe is interesting not only in winter. In Bukovel and in summer there is something to see! Arriving here in the warm season, you can not only breathe in fresh mountain air, but also visit local attractions. Guests here have an excellent opportunity to go on a trip to Bukovel mountain, go to Yaremche and Vorokhta, climb the rocks of Dovbush or climb Hoverla … And lovers of active entertainment in Bukovel can fish and hunt, go horseback riding, play paintball or start mastering a mount-biking.

What to see in Bukovel in the summer?

Wishing to organize their trip rationally, vacationers are often preliminarily interested in what can be seen in Bukovel, where to buy souvenirs, where to go to eat in Bukovel and the surroundings and most importantly – what famous places should be visited without fail.

The main sights of Bukovel are:

  • Church of St. The Apostles Peter and Paul in Yaremche (38 km). This temple, built in 2000, is a single complex together with the Museum. Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky, is a masterpiece of wooden architecture. In the courtyard you will see the “City of Martyrs” – a symbolic grave with the Crucifix, at the foot of which there are busts of hierarchs and martyrs of the UGCC on stone pedestals. In the museum you can get acquainted with outstanding works of fine and applied art, so there is plenty of cultural entertainment in Bukovel.
  • Yaremche waterfall (34 km). This is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine. The flow of water in it is very strong, the height difference is 12 meters, and the noise is very far away. Above the waterfall is a bridge where people can admire the natural miracle and take pictures.
  • Rocks of Dovbush. This unique work of nature has become one of the main attractions of Bukovel and a real tourist “mecca” for travelers. Since the time of the Ice Age, there has been formed a piling up of stone blocks of Yamnen sandstone, from which a fortress of unique design was formed by washing and weathering. Above Prut towers a huge stone Dovbush, decorated with a stone cross, under which, according to legend, the famous leader of Olex Dovbush oprichok rests.
  • The restaurant-museum “Hutsulshchina”. From other catering establishments this restaurant is distinguished by the fact that it is possible not only to eat deliciously, but also to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of Ukrainian culture. The building was built in 1965 according to the canons of Hutsul architecture without a single nail and reminds both inside and outside the Hutsul hut of the late 19th century. Its facade is decorated with filigree carving on wood, and the interior is made up of antiques, stone and wood products and all sorts of objects of Ukrainian folk life. Traditional Hutsul cuisine and live music make this institution the best place to go to eat in Bukovel.
  • Souvenir bazaar. On the souvenir market not far from Bukovel there is something to see – starting with your favorite magnets on the refrigerator and continuing with wooden utensils, “embroideries” for every taste and color, blankets, quilted jackets and sheep wool socks, all sorts of knives and statuettes.
  • Mount Goverla. This mountain, whose height is 2061 meters, is the highest point on the whole territory of modern Ukraine. The first tourist route was opened in 1880, and today ascent to the summit of the mountain is daily committed by hundreds of adventurers! Therefore, if you do not know what to do in Bukovel, be sure to include in your entertainment program a trip to Hoverla. At the top you will find a flat area where you can admire the surrounding landscape in a 360 degree radius to see all the Carpathians as in the palm of your hand.

And this is just a miserable part! After asking friends and wandering the expanses of the world wide web, you can create your own list of what you can see in Bukovel in the summer.

Sports entertainment in Bukovel, or what to do in Bukovel without mountain skiing?

Sightseeing Bukovel and the surrounding area – this is certainly great, but tourists, as a rule, want to relax not only the soul, but also the body. In the summer, the ski resort offers its guests a lot of fun, for which you do not need snow! Among the most popular active entertainments in Bukovel are the following:

  • Bicycle tours. At your service – the best bike park of the country! Interesting and safe cycling routes will not leave indifferent any fan of two-wheel drive!
  • Quadratures. If you do not have enough adrenaline in your blood, then traveling on a quad bike to meet the summer wind is a pleasure for you!
  • Water skiing. This is one of the most popular types of water sports, guaranteeing you a fountain of emotions and impressions!
  • Rafting. This is the answer to the question of what to do in Bukovel to extreme extremes and adventurers. Rafting on a mountain river on an inflatable boat, catamaran and raft will be the most vivid and memorable event for the whole summer.

Also in GC “Bukovel” you can experience your courage on a climbing wall or in an extreme park, ride horses, dive – this list can be continued indefinitely. A calm and balanced nature, too, will find something to do in Bukovel, because bowling, billiards and karaoke have not been canceled yet!

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