Bathing in the tub

Bathing in the tub

Imagine: you lie in moderation of hot water, breathe fresh Carpathian air, enjoy the mountain scenery and aromatic tea on herbs with honey … This is not a description of a beautiful picture from a magazine or a film frame. This is reality. And everyone can feel its positive effect on themselves, who go on vacation to the Carpathians.

In the Carpathians to rest – you must try the vats!

The essence of the procedure is as follows: a metal boiler of enormous dimensions, which is located in the open air, is filled with water from mineral springs, and a fire is lit under it. By the way, the owners of the tanks argue that if you use ordinary water, the effect of such a procedure is “not the same.” The water in the vat is heated, and you in the meantime – cuddle in it and enjoy the Carpathian landscapes. Very often, water is added with needles or healing herbs, which enhances the positive effect of the procedure.

Why else would you definitely try, what is bathing in a vat in the Carpathians?

  • The bathing tub is located outdoors, and not in a stuffy room, like in a sauna or in a bath. Such a contrast to give extraordinary sensations. Especially, if such a spa-session is carried out in the cold season.
  • Bathing in a vat in a more gentle and gentle than a session in the bath or sauna. In such a bowler without fear, you can rest with the whole family, even with the children.
  • In order to feel a positive effect – improving the performance of the cardiovascular system, stabilize the metabolism, do not need to expire “seven sweats.”

“Hell” vat of youth, vivacity and cool mood

The general picture of such an action really resembles an illustration from underworld, but the meaning in it is quite the opposite. Carpathians, rest, vats are a great alternative to a classical sauna, a bath or procedures for improving the functions of the musculoskeletal system of a person. After all, for one session only you get the opportunity to relax, steal the body properly, cheer up, alternating bathing in a vat and in cold water. No wonder that doctors recommend visiting such thermal springs to people who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But a healthy person such a session will only benefit!

Especially pleasant sensations are given to stay in such a bath for bathing at night with the light of fire and stars, as well as in snowy or rainy weather: when the cold air is filled with the aroma of a fire, spicy steam sprouts around, and the surrounding nature of the Carpathians pleases the eye and creates a truly An amazing atmosphere.

If apart from relaxing or extreme rest you are interested in bathing in the vat, the Carpathians in this sense is an ideal choice for rest!

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