Billiards at the Hotel Villa Elena

Rest at the hotel “Villa Elena” is not just a pleasant and carefree pastime. It is the accumulation of the forces of life energy, the restoration of spiritual harmony and a sense of inner happiness. And if after an active, emotionally charged day you do not want to stay in the room, and continue active and useful rest, we invite you to our modern, equipped billiard hall!

As you know, billiards not only develops tactical thinking, accuracy and accuracy of vision, but also coordination of movement, helps to harden physically. After all, for only one game the player runs around the table a few kilometers!

To improve the skills of skiing or snowboarding – let the mountain slopes conquer you, to restore your strength and strengthen your health – visit our bath house, well, and to support a good physical shape, forming a correct posture – play billiards in Bukovel, at the Hotel Villa Elena!

It’s nice that you can play billiards with two people, a family or a big company. Ideal option to diversify the celebration of Birthday in our hotel complex, make a men’s party or bachelorette party more interesting. Order as an aperitif a glass of beer, and enjoy your time in a spacious, comfortably furnished room for playing billiards! To diversify family rest, to arrange an incendiary billiards tournament – it’s easy! Imagine how fun fun you can spend time with your friends !? The hotel complex “Villa Elena” has created all the conditions to make your holiday unforgettable!

Be in good mood, invite your friends, play with great pleasure!

Arriving at the hotel “Villa Elena”, having a rest, you will find solutions to your everyday problems, feel yourself an integral part of Mother Nature, and all the beautiful created by her. You are welcome, tasty and tasty, you are bathing in the sauna, being cheerful – in the pool with cold water, playing billiards, skiing or snowboarding. In Bukovel, in our hotel complex in particular, you can enjoy and those types of recreation, which in everyday life you just do not have enough time!

Rest in the hotel “Villa Elena” will be appreciated by couples in love who want to be alone and “forget about the whole world,” and families with children, for whom the rest in Bukovel is a real fairy tale, and single women and men. Who knows: maybe this is where you meet your “soul”? Arrange skiing “pokatushki”, health procedures, play tennis or billiards – enjoy the rest in full!

We are always glad to see you among our guests! Welcome!

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