Bukovel – the best holiday!

Bukovel – the best holiday in the Carpathians!

Probably, there will not be a single Ukrainian who would not have heard of the amazing resort of Bukovel. And in winter it collects hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. And everyone is interested in the question when the season ends in Bukoveli? After all, everyone wants to have time to enjoy mountain descents, fascinating winter entertainment. Yes, and summer seasons are also very popular. All thanks to a thoughtful infrastructure. The resort itself began to work in 2003. And from this period the system of servicing tourists was constantly improved, new descents were created, special equipment for artificial snow began to be used. Now Bukovel looks like a full-fledged, modern European resort.

Seasons in Bukovel

Before you know when the beginning of the season in Bukovel – summer or winter, you need to determine for yourself how many in principle there are seasons. Let’s look at the order:

  • Winter. This is the most popular and highest season. Prices in hotels, restaurants and even in markets are rising up lightning fast. The time when the season begins in Bukovel is determined only by weather conditions, and for each specific year its date. Basically this is the end of November, maybe the beginning of December. You can come earlier, but then there will be no possibility to go down from the mountains. More precisely, when the opening of the season in Bukovel, the official announcement of the administration of the ski resort. The season is coming to an end on May holidays. Since the city is in a unique geographical location, the snow falling can lie for long, even at a plus temperature. There are situations when natural snow is not enough for the slopes to be comfortable and evenly covered. Then special snow cannons are already used, which spray the slopes with a snow cover;
  • Summer season. This is the period from May holidays to November. Prices are much lower than in winter. Tourists can afford a hotel in Bukoveli at an attractive price, even with swimming pools, playgrounds and many other entertainments. At this time you can enjoy pure nature, beautiful scenery, skiing on the ski lift, rest on the lakes. You can also do mountaineering and rafting.

Carpathians are open to tourists all year round. And each person chooses his place and time for rest. In any case, a charge of positive emotions, impressions, strengthening of immunity and familiarity with the traditions of the mountain population will get everyone!

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