Carpathian waterfalls

The Carpathian mountains are famous for their lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The magic of Lake Sinevir is complemented by waterfalls located around Bukovel. Their water gives a cool and fresh, allowing you to relax and take a breath among the hot summer day. They are all so different: cozy little “streams” and huge deep-water “giants” that can be heard from afar, for many kilometers. Particularly interesting are four of them.

Manyavsky waterfall

It is considered to be the best waterfall in the Carpathians and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole world. Even in the strongest heat near his foot is always cool and cozy. You can get to it on the usual road or extreme: by shallow water on an off-road car.


This small (8 meters in height) waterfall is located near Yaremche. Behind this magnificent spectacular waterfall can be seen standing at its foot, or from above – from the bridge erected above the peak of the picturesque water stream.

Especially impressively, the Probya looks like in the summer, but the Prut River is not covered by ice even in winter, when its gorge is covered with a snow blanket.

The Jeuness Falls (Hooke)

A column of water falling from a height of more than 15 meters can be seen from the observation deck or from the foot of the waterfall. In winter, water forms magnificent frozen streams of water, forming ice cascades.

How to get there

Come to Bukovel and visit these magical places by car or train. In the latter case, you will have to transfer to a bus or taxi. These enchanting waterfalls are located on the road to Bukovel, and for those who want to see them can not only visit each separately, but also get a special excursion tour of the Carpathian waterfalls.

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