Choose a tour in the Carpathians to your liking!

Choose a tour in the Carpathians to your liking!

Carpathians – this is truly an incredible creation of our nature, which attracts with its fabulous scenery, fresh mountain air and many opportunities for active and recreational recreation. And in summer and winter Carpathians gladly open their doors to hundreds of thousands of tourists. Hotels in Bukoveli, cottages and hospitable hosts of small houses are happy to envelop guests with local color, attention and care.

How much does a trip to the Carpathians cost? For each tourist his own answer. Someone can easily spend hundreds of thousands on their vacation, and someone in your pocket only 1 or 2 thousand for three days.

Rest in the Carpathians on any wallet!

Before you look and wonder how much it costs a ticket to the Carpathians, you need to decide on the type of leisure. For example, for a holiday in the ski resort Bukovel in the midst of the winter season will have to pay a considerable amount. Only the number in the hotel will cost from 800 to 2-3 thousand hryvnia a day. Not to mention food, regular descents, equipment rental and souvenir purchases. If you book in advance, you can decently save.

For the budget tourist, bus tours are an ideal option. On the road are a penny, and there is an opportunity to visit several cities at once. Basically, bus tours offer different excursions, wine or cheese tasting in small villages and much more. Such a holiday is very popular among young couples and students. It is inexpensive, and enough emotion for a year. And these tours are relevant in summer and winter. To find out how much this trip to the Carpathians is worth for 3 days, you can visit the travel agency or the hotel website.

This amazing piece of untouched nature in Ukraine is often traveled with recreational purposes. After all, there are a lot of sources with pure artesian water. It helps treat various diseases, even such complex ones as asthma. And the air itself has unique healing properties. You can rest with the whole family or a friendly company.

So, to answer the question: how much is a trip to the Carpathians for two, you need to decide on such criteria:

  • The purpose of the trip is treatment or rest;
  • Place of residence – hotel, private boarding houses, health centers or the private sector. Each category has its own price range;
  • Duration of rest;
  • A place of rest is a resort or a small village.

Any kind of rest in the Carpathians can be both expensive and cheap. Everything depends on the selected conditions and requirements. The main thing is that the charge of positive emotions will be provided in any case!

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