Cycling in the Carpathians

Unforgettable impressions of cycling along the Carpathians

Fast clean rivers, magical transparent lakes, majestic mountains and dense forests – all these natural resources are in the Carpathians. No wonder they are considered the pearl of the nature of Ukraine. These places from year to year are becoming more popular among tourists, including those who like active cycling.

The cycling around the Carpathians is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the fairy-tale world that these amazing and beautiful places give. Acquaintance with nature is a wonderful way to relax your soul and be reserved for energy and impressions for a whole year.

The popularity of this type of rest is confirmed by the fact that in the Carpathians new places for hire of bicycles and equipment, cafes and restaurants, institutions for overnight stay open. Popular bike routes run through Yaremcha, Bukovel, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Carry your own bike to the Carpathians uncomfortable if you travel by own car, and it is unrealistic if you decide to get by train or bus. But the prices for bicycle rent and bicycles are available to everyone without exception. Perhaps, this is the most “democratic”, popular kind of recreation. Cheaper can be only the collection of mushrooms in the Carpathian forests, but it is difficult to attribute it to an active form of recreation.

If you are active and do not think that vacation is best spent on the couch, discover the wonderful world of cycling tours. Velocities Bukovel give you the opportunity to experience pleasant adventures, get closer to nature and enjoy the luxuriance of Carpathian nature. The convenience of cycling tours is that you can always stop and admire the natural sights of the Carpathians. And the movement in silence at a low speed makes it possible to see much more than from the car window.

Bike-travelers passing Bukovel can stay at the “Villa Elena”, enjoy the magnificent cuisine, having a respite during the bike tour of the Carpathians.

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