Fishing in Bukovel

Fishing in the Carpathians – a holiday for real men!

Bukovel is a very popular tourist resort. Located in the village of Polyanytsa at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. In winter, millions of tourists come here to conquer the ski slopes. And in the summer there are noisy companies for hikers and, of course, fishing.

Fishing is one of the most popular and loved by men occupation. Solitude and relaxation from the city’s bustle, family troubles, difficulties at work – that’s what every member of the stronger sex values in fishing!

What and where to catch in Bukovel?

Fishing in the mountain rivers of the Carpathians is a special pleasure, which everyone must simply experience. In the mountain rivers catch grayling and trout. What is the difference between fishing in the rivers of the Carpathians? A classic method, you do not need to invent anything special. You can use a dry bait. If you come to rest in the summer, then catching will go much more successfully as dusk approaches. Closer to the evening, over the water surface, there are many insects that feed the fish. During such a “hunt” you will experience an unprecedented excitement and enthusiasm. And even if you can not “land” a single fish, it will not upset, because in this case the process is more important than the result itself!

Organization of fishing

If you are interested in fishing in Bukovel, then it is worthwhile to take care of the overnight stay. After all, to “hunt” you need to go out early in the morning collected and having a good sleep. At the Villa “Elena” you can rent a comfortable room with all amenities. We can also arrange fishing for you. And if you want to stay a little longer, you will not be bored. We offer a full range of services:

  • Delicious Ukrainian and European cuisine.
  • Bathing in a vat in the open air.
  • Hiking and excursions.
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