How to get to the hotel “Villa Elena”

Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Lviv are the closest regional centers of Western Ukraine, from which Bukovel can be easily reached. From airports, train stations or bus stations, you will have to find additional transport to reach the heart of Bukovel ski resort. There are a lot of problems, there is a lot of transportation and it is advisable to take care in advance so that the transfer is as convenient and convenient as possible on time and pocket.

Head to Polyanytsa on our pointers.

The choice of a transfer to Bukovel, in particular the villages of Polyanitsa, where the villa “Elena” is located, will depend on which of the corners of Ukraine you will be visiting us and what is your priority; comfort or desire to save on driving. If you get to our hotel complex on your own car, we want to warn in advance – part of the road will be a test for your car, so asphalt cover requires a better desire. Road map in Polyanitsa – we suggest to observe the following links:

It is more convenient to get from the regional centers, of course, by taxi. Especially, it will be profitable if your company is with several people and you follow Bukovel from Ivano-Frankivsk. Taxi drivers at the train stations will ask for more times, so it is better to call the car through the service operator. (Do not forget to pre-specify the cost of the path to the Polyanitsa!). Taxi services:

The transfer can also be ordered from carriers specializing in the transfer of tourists ski resorts:

An economical option, of course, will be buses and minibuses. Their cost will not exceed several tens of hryvnias. And the timetable of movement can be observed by the links:

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