How to spend a vacation in the fall?

All, of course, want to relax with your family in the summer, when it’s warm outside, when you can go to the sea, to the cottage, the river or just to rest at home. But not always there is an opportunity at work to take a vacation in the summer. In this case, we have to look for other interesting options. So how to spend a vacation in the fall? Discover the wonderful mountain world of the Carpathians. Why mountains? Now we’ll figure it out.

Where to rest in the fall, if not in the Carpathians?

Many experienced tourists can easily answer the following question: where is the best time to rest in the fall. It can be the cities of Europe, with its interesting festivals and traditions. Or the beaches of Goa or Thailand. But, not everyone can afford such a holiday. But in the Carpathians, autumn is not a high season, prices are affordable for everyone, and the service is not inferior to abroad. So why pay more?

Do you still think, where is the best place to rest in autumn in the Carpathians? Then look:

  • Luxury hotels – rest in the Carpathians with a swimming pool. This is an option for those tourists who are used to relaxing and just enjoying the long-awaited vacation. In such hotels, basically, there is a Russian bath or spa-chan, which is now in great demand. This procedure allows you to strengthen immunity, improve skin tone, improve blood circulation. If you are looking for where to relax in the fall with impeccable service – it’s only in hotels;
  • Interesting farms and menageries. Lovers of animals will be pleased to see interesting breeds of mountain dwellers. Especially exciting is for small children;
  • Fishing. Well, how not to fish in the mountain rivers of the Carpathians? True fishermen gather in whole companies and it is in the autumn time they go to the mountains. After all, as you know, autumn fishing is famous for its record catches;
  • Picking mushrooms. In September and October on the slopes of the mountains you can find a lot of mushrooms. And this is really a hit of the season. Quiet, calm hunting for mushrooms is very adventurous. After all, mushrooms do not always grow in open terrain, and often hide in hard-to-reach places;
  • Leisure. Fans of extreme sports should definitely try an active holiday in the Carpathians. After all, you can enjoy traveling by cable car. It is an amazing opportunity to see with your own eyes incredible autumn landscapes, to enjoy the pure mountain air. Also, cycling and quad biking are popular;
  • Visit festivals. In the autumn period in many cities of the Carpathians there are various festivals – a holiday of coffee, cheese, wine, a festival in honor of harvesting and many others. All of them are very colorful and will please everyone!

All these entertainments can be found in almost every city in the vast Carpathians. And if you have already decided where to rest in September-October, then you can safely book a hotel in the Carpathians. Remember that in the autumn season prices are pleased with their availability!

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