Mushroom picking in the Carpathians

Mushroom “hunting” in the Carpathian forests

Perhaps, the most peaceful, interesting, accessible and useful kind of leisure is the gathering of mushrooms in the Carpathians. If you like not just walking along the silent majestic forest, but also bringing in the basket “prey”, you should choose the right day. It is best to go for mushrooms after a bit of rain follows the hot weather.

When is it better to harvest mushrooms

Carpathian Mountains – an excellent place to harvest forest mushrooms in hot summer and cool autumn. At these times of the year, thick forests and plains, overgrown with trees, are filled with various mushrooms. But the best time for mushroom pickers is summer.

ВIn warm, slightly rainy weather, summer mushrooms are dotted with open areas, as well as the land under bushes, beeches and century-old oaks.

In the autumn it is advisable to guess with the weather. If autumn is rainy and warm, mushrooms grow almost everywhere. In September, they should be searched in the same place, where in the summer, in October – they “hide” deeper into the forest thicket.

What mushrooms can be found in the Carpathian forests

The slopes of the Carpathian Mountains sheltered more than 300 different types of mushrooms of any size, color and shape. As elsewhere, there are edible and poisonous species, so when starting a “quiet hunt”, you need to “know the prey in person.”

Among the edible mushrooms, such species are especially common:

  • Oil;
  • Rozhiki;
  • Truffles;
  • Boletus;
  • Morels;
  • Champignon;
  • Mackerel;
  • Chanterelles;
  • Boletus;
  • Russula.

The period of growth of mushrooms after the establishment of suitable weather lasts briefly – no more than 3 weeks. Although, if you want to relax in the fresh air, enjoying the magic of the Carpathian forests, no weather will be a hindrance in the mushroom fishery. Experienced mushroom pickers come back with a “catch” regardless of the availability of favorable weather.

The picturesque fairytale area, clean streams, fresh mountain air, mighty trees will provide all conditions for you to rest physically and morally.

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