Hotels in Bukovel

Bukovel – a year-round natural paradise 

Hotels in Bukovel will give an unforgettable stay in the Carpathians and anyone who has ever been here, will necessarily want to come back again. And this is not at all surprising, since each holidaymaker, regardless of his age, social position and level of prosperity, you can choose a lesson for the soul.

Noteworthy is the fact that you can relax in the Carpathians at any time of the year. In the winter, the Carpathians traditionally open their hospitable doors for lovers of skiing, sledging and snowboarding. In summer, vacationers will have an excellent opportunity to plunge into the beauty of the Carpathian nature and go on a hiking trip, pick up mushrooms and berries, make horse walks, descents along mountain rivers. Rest in the summer is remembered by the incomparable pure air of majestic mountains, which is impregnated with a coniferous aroma with admixtures of beech groves, spicy herbs. Breathe air Bukovel full chest and feel yourself at the peak of freedom among the Carpathian nature.

Pleasing and affordable hospitality in “Villa Elena”

Our hotel in Bukovel “Villa Elena” is located in the center of a ski resort, in a small village called Polyanitsa. Hotels in Bukovel, among which “Villa Elena” is not the last place, cordially open their hospitable door for guests and offer high quality service level along with affordable value. The pristine beauty of the mountains in Bukovel can not leave any of the guests of our resort indifferent. In our hotel complex guests will be offered a rest in one of 57 comfortable modern rooms, each decorated with natural wood. Furniture is also made of natural wood. This widespread use of wood gives an inexpressible feeling and the room is barely audible with a light woody fragrance. The rooms have all the necessary equipment: a TV with satellite TV, a kettle, a refrigerator, a modern shower cubicle, the ability to access the Internet. The hotel has a 24-hour reception service. Almost every room will offer guests a stunning view of the Carpathian mountains. In our work we try to pay attention to even the smallest details, we provide service at an individual level, capable of satisfying even the most demanding guests.

In Bukovel hotels successfully combine security, comfort, refinement of taste and friendly hospitality of the staff.

We are ready to meet our regular and future guests with a Western cordiality, presenting unforgettable impressions of rest to everyone who will be remembered for a long time in memory!

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