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Bukovel promotions and discounts for tourists

Carpathians is a great place for winter and summer holidays. In the cold season, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling. In summer, tourists can have fun:

  • Rolling on quad bikes, horses or bicycles.
  • Fishing.
  • Picking mushrooms.
  • Rafting.

And also many other entertaining things await active people. In the Carpathians, you can simply enjoy the fabulous scenery, breathe the fresh air, wander along the slopes of the mountains. New unexplored sensations and a lot of unforgettable emotions are guaranteed.

Unforgettable vacation without damage to the budget!

To leave was pleasant, and most importantly – not costly, you need to plan your vacation in advance. One of the most frequented resorts in Transcarpathia is Bukovel. Excellent and comfortable accommodation, fabulous nature, delicious food and lots of entertainment. And most importantly – there is such a vacation at times less than foreign counterparts. And the quality of service is no different!

If you want excellent and inexpensive to relax, then you should pay attention to the shares of Bukovel. Travelers have an excellent opportunity to get the same services, but for less money!

Many travel agencies hold promotions and offer interesting excursions, tours, etc. No less popular are the actions in Bukovel concerning the rental of cottages or rooms. During the New Year and May holidays, many hotels offer discounts on the cost of living. This is very convenient when you go on vacation by a big company or family.

Unforgettable and pleasant in terms of prices, you will be waited at Villa “Elena”. In the hotel you can rent comfortable rooms with all amenities:

  • Standard.
  • Junior Suite 2 or 3-seater.
  • Suite.
  • Mansard rooms.
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