Ski rental

Rental of ski equipment

It’s time for summer holidays to inexorably come to an end. But do not be upset. After all, it’s winter. Some people prefer to spend winter days at home with a cup of hot cocoa. But there are lovers of extreme rest.

Active pastime outside the stuffy cities, dusty and noisy streets can charge you with positive and energy for a week. A holiday in the ski resort will provide a charge of vivacity and energy for a year!

The Carpathians are the pearl of Ukraine. Picturesque mountain peaks, valleys flooded with sun, unique nature, evergreen spruce and pine trees. This is a great place to relax. Here, the body rests and restores, fresh air, invigorating pastime in nature has a great healing effect.

One of the most popular ski resorts in Transcarpathia is Bukovel. At the luxury villa Elena you can rent a comfortable room with all amenities. What to do? We offer such a service as ski equipment rental in Bukovel. This is a significant saving, especially if snowboarding or skiing is infrequent.

Moreover, if you buy equipment in the store, then there is a high probability that it will simply collect dust in the pantry. Yes, and carry with you the overall equipment is difficult, especially if you are traveling not by your own car, but by train.

How much does it cost to rent a ski in Villa Elena?

You need special equipment for skiing. Buying for yourself the whole package is very expensive, especially if you rarely get out on a similar rest. The price of the kits depends on their class. For example, model A class will cost more than the products of the group C. But this does not mean that some are worse than others. The main thing is to find the right equipment. Depending on the level of training, skis are divided into models for beginners, advanced, experts and athletes.

Models for beginners are softer, just go into turns. Sports or professional modifications are highly rigid and resilient, so they require excellent physical fitness and excellent riding techniques. In addition, there are skis for women, children and adolescents.

Ski hire in Villa Elena: what equipment is there?

Depending on the purpose and style of skiing, we offer skis for fans and athletes of different levels:

  • Carving – modern models for riding on the prepared slope of the resort, soft or hard slope. Allow to ride wide or short deep arcs. The standard waist width of the carving track varies from 63 to 68 mm. This provides a smooth entry into the turns, the ability to descend the slope on the edges. During the ride, the load is distributed to both skis. The model should be taken 10 to 20 centimeters more than the height of the skier.
  • Radical (Fan) carving – is a modification of carving mountain skis, which have a great contrast of width of the waist and nose. During the turn, the skier practically lies down, often you can touch the slope with your hand.
  • The autocaval – is a structure that facilitates entry into the turn due to the oversized notches on the side. Skating is convenient and simple.
  • Freeride is designed for off-piste walks in the mountains. Such equipment has excellent cross-country ability on loose snow. Waist of the ski track from 80 mm. Selecting this model, you need to take a length of 5 centimeters more than the height of the skier.
  • Universal models allow you to ride comfortably on prepared slopes as well as on the virgin land, to calmly ride around boograms and inflatable. Waist width varies from 68 to 80 mm. The length of the ski track is chosen according to the growth or 10 centimeters shorter.

Ski rental in Villa Elena for adults and children

At Villa Elena, you can rent the latest equipment for skiing. If necessary, you can exchange for a more suitable model. For example, you have tried Carving riding and now you want to try something new and more exciting.

All products are of high quality, no cracks, chips or flaws can not be found. The products are absolutely safe. We offer equipment for children and teenagers of excellent quality from well-known global brands.

We will provide a bright, interesting and memorable vacation in the mountains! Come to our hotel with family and friendly company!

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