Ski resorts in Ukraine

Bukovel – the original beauty of the Carpathian Mountains

Ukrainian Carpathians managed to preserve the pristine beauty of the harmonious nature along with the wealth of the land that fascinates and captivates with its grandeur . Bukovel – a ski resort, which gets its name from the name of the mountain. The height of the magnificent natural creations of 1129 meters and it is located near a small village called Polianytsia . Bukovel resort vacation that will be useful for vacationers of all ages and health conditions as well as the impact of the mountain climate will have a distinct positive effect on the immune system of a person -to-repair function of the body as a whole. According to numerous studies have shown that the most useful and productive to rest in the winter. Is there a more pleasant Spending your holidays, if not Bukovele ?

An unforgettable holiday all year round

Bukovel ski resort is considered to be the most popular and is famous for its mountain trails, excellent service and affordable maintenance cost. If it is time to choose where to go to relax – Bukovel ideal for great entertainment and recreation. The primitive beauty of unique landscapes, positive emotions, crystal clear air, enveloping scent of coniferous trees, and that’s not all you get in this mountain resort.

Regardless of the time of year when you can go to Bukovel, each camper will be able to find something for your taste. Bukovel ski resort in the winter will offer leisure skiing , sledding , snowboarding and tasting flavored mulled wine , barbecue in the snow and the striking beauty of the majestic snow-capped mountains. Snow cover on roads maintained until the end of April. Arriving in Bukovel summer, you will enjoy the blooming mountain polonynas walks , swim in the crystal clear and cool crisp mountain river . A fantastic beauty of colors in the autumn forest will forever remain in your memory for a memorable experience.

If you have at least once in the rest Bukovele, the resort immediately take its place in your heart and always will be a magnet for again and again.

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