Where to go to rest in the Carpathians?

In the Carpathians there is a large number of ski resorts, which are famous for their specific leisure features. And tourists happily visit each of them, leaving there a piece of their memories and positive emotions. Among the most popular today, we can note Bukovel, Zakopane, Slavske and Dragobrat. Each of them has its own story and its unique entourage. So what to choose: Bukovel or Dragobrat, in Slavske or Zakopane? We will deal with it now..

Features of rest – where is better?

To determine where the best Bukovel or Dragobrat or at another resort, you need to evaluate them according to certain criteria, namely:

  • Transport. Bukovel is a popular resort, so it is not difficult to get there, there are buses from big cities, taxis and more. But Dragobrat is available only to experienced drivers. In addition, the machine has the clearance to be at least 20 cm, and preferably in the presence of the trailer. Zakopane resort is located in Poland, so to visit it you need to additionally make a passport, visa and many other documents. But, the easiest way to get to Slavskoe, Lviv region. Train Stryi-Batevo, stop “Slavskoe” and You’re on the spot;
  • Mineralnye vody. Most tourists go not only to relax in the mountains, but also to improve their health. Bukovel – a well-known health resort, with its mineral springs. In addition, the availability of special medical and diagnostic equipment makes the resort more therapeutic. Slavske is also not inferior, as there is a well-known source of “Rapa”, whose water promotes healing of wounds, accelerates the treatment of ulcers. But Ukraine cannot boast of having mineral springs;
  • Summer holiday. All these resorts have their differences, but the main thing is the amazing Carpathian nature. So the exact answer, where the best Bukovel and Slavsko or Drahobrat in the summer, no. Bukovel summer from other resorts will not be very different. Only here Zakopane can please with new landscapes, as the village is located between the mountains and the Polish traditions are also slightly different from the Hutsul;
  • Cost. Of course, among the Ukrainian resorts Bukovel is the most expensive. All this thanks to the developed infrastructure and impeccable service. But, if you ask: what is better Bukovel or Zakopane at the price of rest, of course, in Ukraine rest is much more profitable;
  • Rest for children. Each of the presented resorts can please children with a wonderful holiday. There are instructors who teach the little ones to stand on skis. There are hotels with swimming pools and children’s complexes. Kids will get their positive charge in any case.

Selecting such characteristics of the place, you can very quickly decide where is the best Zakopane or Bukovel, Slavsko or Drahobrat. And the main thing – is to go on vacation with positive emotions and then he really remembered for a long time.

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