Where to relax in the summer?

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year, most desired for rest and vacations. Warm weather, clear days, unlimited possibilities for organizing picnics and parties in nature … Summer is a three-month holiday, even if you have to work. Light clothes, bright colors, ice cream and fountains are the guarantee of a good mood without any special efforts and reasons.

But the most delicate issue at this time is considered trivial: Where to go on vacation? Someone has enough suburban or dacha pastime, and someone aspire to be as far as possible to abstract from the usual situation and go where the eyes look. Of course, we do not aspire to keep track of your “eyes”, and we can not, but we will try to find the right choice of places for recreation in the summer.

The first thing that you should pay attention to when planning a trip is the time it falls on. After all, everyone knows that the best resorts for summer holidays are located on the Black and Mediterranean Sea (winter holidays are preferable to spend in the countries of South-East Asia, the Red Sea or the Persian Gulf).

Another important aspect that precedes the choice of location is the number of travelers (family, company or couple). Next you need to decide on the preferred type of recreation. Agree, there is a difference, whether it will be something like a tour, where an excursion program is planned or a usual quiet rest on the beach. Or maybe you decide to get both in one trip? We are not asking for interest. After all, the first situation determines the choice of a voucher to historically valuable resort towns, the second implies focusing on the infrastructure and recruiting services of the hotel where you are going to stay, and the third one is targeting the choice of seaside resorts located near cultural attractions.

Where to relax in the summer in the company of kids?

If you are going to relax in the summer with children, immediately pay attention to their age, because small travelers are contraindicated long flight and severe climatic changes. According to the annual statistics, the most comfortable for such a joint holiday are recognized resorts of the Mediterranean and Black Seas. If your children are somewhat older, take care of the availability of children’s mini-clubs in the hotel. Recall that the European resorts almost do not practice the establishment of mini-clubs. It makes sense to ask about the availability of water parks and amusement parks.

Interested in continuing the beach holiday in the summer in the evening and at night (lovers of parties and other entertainment), we recommend that you prefer the hotel, which is near the cultural centers of the resort. Of course, this will affect the price of the place of residence, but it does not have to go far. For this purpose, it will be better to relax in Ibiza, Cyprus, Mallorca, Bulgaria, Italy or Rhodes.

If, considering the option, where to rest in the summer, you expect not to leave the territory of the hotel, the best option will be the resorts of Turkey, where the internal animation culture is very developed. It will not be boring for sure!

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