Where to rest in the Carpathians?

If you are planning to spend your long-awaited vacation in Ukraine, and want to visit some wonderful romantic place with fresh air and charming nature, we invite you to relax in the Carpathians! The beauty and grandeur of the mountain range, the captivity of the dense forests and the air of inexpressible cleanness will forever fall in love with you and wait for guests all year round. Not surprisingly, because the Carpathians are always beautiful.

In the spring they fascinate travelers with a cheerful drop, the shimmering gleam of uncontrollable brooks, silk grasses and fragrant flowering.

In the summer – they are captivated by the riot of motley grass, the richness of berries and mushrooms, warm, but persistent rays of the sun, giving the skin a rich, solid color of a beautiful tan.

In the autumn – enchanting motley scraps of flying foliage against the background of always green coniferous forest with frequent “raids” of desperate rain falling from the tops of mountains, as the inevitability of fate.

Well, in winter the mountains are covered by a white, fluffy blanket and to the sounds of a sleepless mountain river breaking through the ice edge, guests are inspired by a fabulous mood with a taste of the New Year’s miracle.

About the local tourism industry …

Every newly-dreamed eco-tourism fan dreams of having a rest in the Carpathians. This is natural, because it is impossible to remain indifferent even to telecasts and stories of friends about the amazing landscapes of the Carpathian region, its ethnic magic and pristine purity. It is not surprising that the tourism industry of the Carpathians is developing and improving every year. If earlier local tourists mostly gathered mushrooms or sleigh and skiing, now creative and experienced organizers will offer you a more interesting program. It will be difficult to resist the temptation to stroll along the pesky paths, such as climbing mountains, hiking to mountain lakes or in the forest for berries and mushrooms. A trip to the Carpathians in the warm season is also an opportunity to go on a barbecue or an unforgettable fishing trip on a mountain river … It would be interesting for inquisitive tourists to visit guided tours revealing the secrets of the history and traditions of the local population. And those who do not like hiking on vacation in the Carpathians, the organizers will offer equestrian, quad bike, bicycle or cable cars.

Winter rest in the Carpathians is famous for extreme skiing on the ski slopes, with different levels of difficulty for beginners and aces of ski and snowboarding. In the Carpathian region you will find an impressive number of high-class resorts: Bukovel, Yaremche, Verkhovyna, Vorokhta, Tatariv, Mykulychyn, Yablunitsa, Delyatyn. Each of the resorts is good in its own way, everyone is fanned by its unique atmosphere and color. At the call of the heart and description in the road guide, you will choose where to rest in the Carpathians. It will be possible to stop in hotels and boarding houses, as well as in private cottages of any of the nearby villages.

Before you go to admire the overseas beauties, go on vacation to the Carpathians, and you will love our homeland even more!

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