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Employee reviews are an evaluation of an employee’s performance, usually conducted by the employee’s manager. Employee reviews are an uncomfortable yet necessary part of a company’s hiring and employee retention process. For many, these meetings seem arbitrary, a corporate requirement with no real intent or value. However, when used properly and performed well, employee reviews can help mold long-term employees into members of the team. Discussing poor performance or other negative topics can be uncomfortable for both the employee and employer, but it’s a necessary part of the process. Once you’ve discussed the issues, however, dwelling on them can leave your workers feeling upset or unmotivated.

US employee reviews

Online company review sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor facilitated the use of employer branding. For example, any employee, whether former or current, can review their experience with a company by giving a star rating and providing feedback. As the result, those looking to apply to positions at that company will know whether it’s worth doing.

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Many employees cite this perk as the reason they joined the company. Don’t be mistaken – an unlimited or “open” Uss Express vacation policy doesn’t mean that employees can take off half the year and still collect a paycheck.

US employee reviews

How organizations handle these conversations plays a huge role in an employee’s engagement and overall experience. A performance review is a two-way, individualized conversation between a manager and an employee about performance impact, development, and growth.

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In my current situation, #2 “vacation”, is the greatest perk for our office. My job currently offers unlimited PTO and due to that, scheduling life hiccups becomes much easier. Also, we do not have to worry about using all of our vacation days at the end of the year. Paid maternity and paternity has a psychological effect that extends to everyone, regardless of their parental status. It signals to employees that you see them as whole people, with lives, families, and priorities outside of work. Paid maternity and paternity leave was another big miss for companies.

  • That’s why we provide a variety of health and well-being benefits.
  • Shift the conversation toward the future by coming up with solutions, goals and actionable steps for improvement.
  • In them, employees work with their managers to identify four personal and four professional goals, as well as a pathway to achieving them.
  • Lifetime employment, they argue, is no longer possible , and that means both companies and their employees ought to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship modeled after a “tour of duty” in the military.
  • Don’t be mistaken – an unlimited or “open” vacation policy doesn’t mean that employees can take off half the year and still collect a paycheck.
  • So easy to burn out when you feel like you have to check in on weekends as well.

These six steps will take the stress out of employee review season. While there are many ways you could approach a performance conversation, what not to say in a performance review is just, if not equally, as important as what to say. This will relieve some of the anxiety around the conversation and will give employees a chance to contribute their thoughts and prepare for the meeting. It also allows employees to adjust the agenda to fit their needs. When employees are encouraged to bring topics they want to discuss, managers can focus on actively listening rather than lecturing.

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