Verizon’s plans may be pricier than the competition.

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The Comcast-backed phone carrier uses a combination of Verizon’s cellular towers and Xfinity hotspots to offer nationwide phone coverage. Consumer Cellular is a good option for your cell phone service if you don’t need a lot of data each month or you don’t need unlimited talk minutes.

US company reviews

And iPhone owners can try out Visible for free for 15 days using their own device. Verizon’s plans may be pricier than the competition. But there’s plenty to like about the nation’s biggest wireless carrier, starting with the reach and performance of its network. When we’ve tested LTE speeds, Verizon has come out on top, though for the second half of 2021, testing firm Rootmetrics placed AT&T ahead of Verizon in more categories for the first time.

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US-Reviews is a collectors site where you can find experiences, reviews and opinions. We recommend potential customers whether they should pursue a purchase at a certain company or not. This way, you will know upfront how things really are and you will not be misleaded. With the Pixel 6a expected to arrive this month, Google Fi deserves some attention among the best phone carriers. Compatible third-party devices, which include the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and several Motorola handsets reap the same benefits. AT&T finds itself in an awkward position among the remaining major carriers.

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  • After being honorably discharged from the service and with a young family for whom to provide, he began working for the Compton Police Department upon graduating from police academy in 1986.
  • After a power shortage, an energy supplier helped us really well and we have once been given a huge discount when we found out that the warranty on our washing machine had just expired (dumn luck!).
  • My husband and I are both self employed and have struggled to find good and affordable health coverage for our family of four in Indiana.

Stephen Barker the insurance rep lied about the doctors who were covered under this policy. Took my son to his Pediatrician and had to pay $250 upfront because they would not accept this insurance yet Stephen confirmed that they were in the network. I have been calling the company for the last 5 days and nobody will return my call. My experience with the USHealth Plan has also been very positive thus far.

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Speaking of devices, Mint sells both iPhones and Android handsets, at a wide range of prices. You can also bring your current phone to Mint if you prefer. Our Mint Mobile vs. AT&T and Verizon vs. Mint Mobile comparisons offer a closer look at how this discount service compares to bigger phone carriers. Glassdoor has 2,205 US Foods reviews submitted anonymously by US Foods employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if US Foods is right for you. Join millions of customers who have found products or services and shared their experience.

However, with prices this low, Mint is light on added features, and to get the price, you need to commit to a year of service. Answer calls from usually unhappy customers due to their computer/internet services are not working correctly. Call center work is very closely monitored to ensure employees are constantly answering phone calls, not taking too much time on the phone calls, meeting quotas and metrics. Shifts are bid on based on metrics so you are never sure what hours you will be working and your home life is constantly changing. A fun productive place to work more of a family atmosphere. Typical day is busy, lot of customer service and relations, and management of time. Hardest part of this job is that when you are busy with a customer it is hard to stop until you know that you have done our best to satisfy that customer.

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However, now I will essentially be taking a pay cut when accounting for gas, commute, and wear and tear on my car. I really wish we could continue to work from home. Get started with your Free Employer Profile to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and share your brand story with top talent. First, let me say the customer service at Amtrak Vacations was incredible.


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