Restaurant in Bukovel hotel «Villa Elena» Agree, going on vacation, least want to burden yourself, your family and friends with…

Bathhouse / sauna

Bathhouse / sauna

Bathhouse / sauna in Villa Elena (Bukovel) Bath is our everything! Health, beauty, relaxation, national peculiarity, entertainment and the abyss…

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Swimming pool in Villa Elena (Bukovel) For true lovers to spend holidays in the mountains, in order not to give…

Table tennis

Table tennis

Table tennis in the «Villa Elena» (Bukovel) Bukovel offers a wide range of entertainment for every taste. From early morning…



Billiards at the Hotel Villa Elena Rest at the hotel «Villa Elena» is not just a pleasant and carefree pastime….

Bathing in the tub

Bathing in the tub

Bathing in the tub Imagine: you lie in moderation of hot water, breathe fresh Carpathian air, enjoy the mountain scenery…

Ski rental

Ski rental

Rental of ski equipment It’s time for summer holidays to inexorably come to an end. But do not be upset….



For your convenience, under the hotel there is free parking for two dozen car mobiles. It is guarded around the clock and will allow you to fully enjoy your rest in the Carpathians without worrying about the safety of the car.


The entire territory of the complex is covered by Wi-Fi, which will help to keep up to date with the world and Ukrainian news, check mail and freely communicate with your friends on social networks, watch video from the Internet and more.


If you forgot, or could not grab your gear — it does not matter! With us, you can take everything you need for the time being.


We try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. And after the time spent on the ski routes Bukovel, you will not have to worry about your own or rented outfit.


For fans of extreme types of entertainment, we are happy to offer snowmobile rentals. We guarantee an unforgettable experience of driving and the experience of the Carpathian Mountains.

Hotel «Villa Elena» will provide an excellent rest among mountain ranges and forest parks

After acquaintance with local sights, each guest dreams of a spiritual rest. A cozy, homely atmosphere and high level of service in our hotel complex helps to relax and have a good time.

The special atmosphere of the surrounding nature and its originality contributes to the fact that Bukoveli hotels are sometimes located in very picturesque places. The territory of our complex is famous for its restaurant, the windows of which open a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains, which makes the meal even spicier. Not every hotel can boast of such a location!

The restaurant is open 365 days a year at any time of day or night

Hotels in the Carpathians can offer their visitors a holiday for two, and even a corporate holiday among the mountain peaks. The main hall of our restaurant will invite to the solemn events more than 100 people who can comfortably settle in a cozy hall. The highlight of the restaurant is a chic decorative stucco and a cozy interior in the style of the past centuries with lots of details from natural wood will be to the taste of everyone who appreciates the sincerity of the establishment and the hospitality of the staff. The warm, cozy atmosphere of the restaurant will allow every guest to feel calm and relaxed, and Ukrainian ethnic musical and light motives will echo in every heart. The end of the picture will be delicious dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine, cooked on the grill and in the oven, as well as home-made wine.

Our hotel in the village. Polyanitsa is a place where you want to come back again and again, and that’s why:

  • Virgin nature, revealing incredible landscapes of mountains and woodlands;
  • Modern hotel infrastructure with its own restaurant and nearby shops;
  • Quality and comfortable rooms with a warm home environment;
  • Traditional Ukrainian and European cuisine and much, much more!

All the best for dear guests in the «Villa Elena» — for free!

  • Parking

Hotels in Bukoveli are convenient not only for their location, but also for their own landscaping. Our guests can absolutely FREE to use the secure parking, which is located in the courtyard.

  • Internet connection

Our hotel in the village. Polyanitsa is not cut off from the world, tk. High-speed Wi-Fi operates on its territory so that every guest can follow the news of social networks, work mail, world information portals, etc.

  • Drying and storage of equipment

Located right in the Carpathians, the hotel «Villa Elena» offers its guests drying and storage of ski equipment that can be rented or brought with them.

For impressions, go to «Villa Elena»

Such pleasant surprises are in fact much more than managed to list. Simply, we always focus on the personal wishes of each guest, trying to satisfy his needs from and to. If you are in search of a hotel in the Carpathians, where you could not just have a good time, but get a chic charge of positive emotions and impressions — then you to us!

Hotel staff in Bukoveli «Villa Elena» is sure — your vacation will be incredible!